Pooneram Ji checks the scale of the camel's belly against the design.
Me and Bilar creating the camel puppets limbs.
Poppa Ji is a traditional basket weaver from a nearby village. He chopped our bamboo into the perfect size pieces for bending into camel shapes.
This is Hemnat's camel, Sundar (beautiful in Hindi). She was the puppet inspiration.
Ramneval Ji practices with the half finished camel.
Creating the limbs with the Communication team on our rooftop workspace.
The amazing solar team use their expertise to fill the puppet with light
lantern makin workshops at the local nightschool
Children at the local nightschool make lanterns to follow the camel
Sundar the Puppet Camel visits the village school.....
Schoolchildren enjoying petting Sundar the camel.
Barefoot College and VIP Puppet Collaboration. Sundar is Rajhistan's first ever solar powered puppet.
Sundar visits a local village to spread the message of solar energy, followed by local schoolchildren with their own lnterns created in a workshop at their evening school.
Our Giant Camel Puppet entrtain and informs local villagers.
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