Dolly the Giraffe

Dolly the life-sized gentle giraffe (she can visit alone, with her mate, or her baby, or even the full zoo...) Some of our happy customers: 'The Giraffe was spectacular and a beautiful mover. Photograph and audience feedback suggest that it was definitely a highlight for many. Rowan was really easy to work with............' Liz Lempen, Director, Skipton International Puppetry Festival '...... delighted with the quality of the walkabout. The simple but effective design, the gentleness of the character and precision of the puppetry meant that it was very approachable. The company devised several forms of audience interaction, which all proved very appealing to children and adults alike........ added greatly to the overall effectiveness of the walkabout and the area in general. Competition is stiff at Glastonbury, with over 30 walkabout acts performing in the Theatre and Circus area at anyone time. Given the amount of people surrounding them as they mingled, they certainly proved one of the favourites. Haggis McLeod Theatre and Circus Area Organiser Glastonbury Festival

Dolly the Giraffe posing for her 147th Selfie of the day at Bestival....
Dolly finds an admirer at Glastobury 2015
Dolly the Giraffe loves a snuggle...... (Glastonbury 2014)
Sally Army looking a little nervous as Dolly tries to make off with one of their prized hats....
(Glastonbury 2014)
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